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In the race of life, we may find ourselves in different zones which I have named: 
The above zones reflect Karl Ronke's comfort, stretch and panic model.

The Complacent Zone depicts a life that is too comfortable with its achievements or losses, a life that is somewhat satisfied and is in fact quite stale. The complacent zone causes people to continually settle into the same routine. They tend to do the same things, maybe skillfully, but in this zone  they hardly learn new things, and rarely challenge themselves. It is a zone that lacks vitality and virtually is uncomfortable with change. Self development is usually missing in this zone, there is in fact no stretching, hence one tends to shrink. Being too complacent at what you do can bring about negative results in the long run .No self improvement, no progress, no positive change, only the same old familiar results . Familiarity breeds laziness, so it is likely that staying too long in the complacent zone can make you lazy.

The Progress Zone  is a zone of exploration and adventure. It is where we discard comfort for discomfort. At this zone, we take up continuous challenges that tend to stretch us. However we learn new things and improve ourselves in the end. This is the zone where we dare - we dare to learn a new language; dare to change our career; we dare to alter our circle of friends. At work, we may dare to handle a new project or department. This zone makes us challenge ourselves emotionally,mentally, and physically. It helps us to gain confidence  and gather strength. How would you react when you are faced with something you have never done before? Would you run away or face it squarely? Would you try your hands on what you are awkward with or apprehensive of? Your answers to these questions reveal whether you live in the progress zone or in the fright zone. If you run away from new  or challenging things, or avoid things you are awkward with or apprehensive of, you are in the fright zone. If you face them squarely, you are basking in the progress zone.

The Fright Zone is where we panic through fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted or of being criticized At this zone we avoid new challenges, or anything we are not comfortable with. This zone does not appreciate change, and is intolerant of things we believe we would not or cannot do, no matter how stimulating it looks. At the fright zone we allow fear to rob us of positively developing ourselves because  of the lack of confidence. We mark ourselves down and never even try. The fright zone causes us to be pessimistic. For example, if you harbour the fear of public speaking, you may panic at anything that involves public speaking and possibly shun anything that includes addressing large crowds. This attitude places you in a fright zone. Instead of learning ways of overcoming this fear, you may simply feed your mind with thoughts of 'I cannot speak publicly' and eschew public speaking altogether. All forms of success are a direct result of continuous thoughts we entertain and actions we have taken. In other words, feeding your mind with thoughts of 'I cannot' will make you unsuccessful in that endeavour.

The Indifferent Zone is where we live in denial. At this zone we bask in a make belief that we are not bothered and do not care. We carry ourselves unto an island and cut ourselves off reality. The indifferent zone has a fence where we simply sit and remind ourselves that we want no trouble, so are only keeping ourselves to ourselves. Over here, we do not care if we succeed or fail. We just exist! The indifferent zone lacks motivation. Talents  are not tapped into, and skills go waste.The indifferent zone is for those without vision, those who have stopped living, and ceased dreaming. There is no hope on this island. The only food available is apathy. This zone is lifeless and must be avoided!

In conclusion, the progress zone in my opinion is the best zone to be in. However ,when we challenge ourselves in the progress zone and attain positive results , we should desist from being complacent as this will take us to the complacent zone where we may shrink. The fright zone robs us of probable success, while the indifferent zone will eventually kill and destroy us. We are better of in the progress zone, but must endeavour to continually challenge and stimulate ourselves. Never give up - dream yet another dream!

Written by Gina Bello



I feel slapped by a home truth, and at the same time inspired to progress!

This piece is a must read!


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